“Physiotherapy is a way
to understand illness
and treat it with your own hands”


Due to expert hand movements you can achieve different goals depending on the patient needs: relaxation, tonification, decontract, circulatory, as a complement to the treatment of injuries, etc. Anatomical and physiological knowledge by the therapist make this technique’s effectiveness to increase qualitatively.
It’s always a great complement to manual therapy as it improves the flexibility and mobility of soft tissues (muscles, tendons, fascia and skin). Increasing the blood flow to cells, the injured tissue recovers sooner and with higher quality (avoiding new injuries).
Many muscular problems become chronic due to the retractions of this type of tissue, which surrounds every structure in the body. There are techniques that can be used specifically on it leading to a successful recovery of the patient.
Structural problems must be straightened up through osteopathic manipulations. They are very effective if the problem or symptom referred by the patient has a structural or mechanical cause.
It’s a type of massage specific to improve the superficial lymphatic system circulation. It’s indicated after surgery that has required the extirpation (or removal) of any lymph node chain or aesthetic reconstruction to avoid fibrosis, reduce the pain, the inflammation and the haematomas (bruises). It’s also very useful to mobilize the fat tissue and in acute processes of any kind that course with inflammation.
It’s a therapy that came from Japan which combines massage techniques with concepts of Tradicional Chinese Medicine. As the therapist contacts with meridians and energy points, it could be considered as a form of Digipoint Therapy.
It envolves the stimulation of points located on the feet to produce a beneficial effect elsewhere in the body. It may be done in other parts of the body, such as the hands or the ears, but feet are the most sensible anatomical structures.
It may be a good complement during treatment in particular situations to allow the patient to continue with his daily life in the most active and functional way reducing his pain as he moves.


First area

  • Manilva and Sabinillas area
  • Also includes Duquesa and Castillo
  • And residential areas around
  • Punta Paloma, Princess Kristina, etc.

Second area

  • Casares Costa, Estepona and res. areas
  • From mark Km.1067 (+5€)
  • La Línea, San Roque and res. areas (+5€)
  • Alcaidesa and Sotogrande(+5€)

Third area

  • Marbella and San Pedro
  • Residential areas in the municipality
  • From mark Km. 1050 (+5€)
  • From mark Km. 1040 (+10€)



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